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Doors of Glory Notes and Videos 

are now available

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We are blessed and excited to make this anointed teaching available. That being said, we also want to make it very clear that all glory goes to THE LORD GOD ALMIGHTY and his precious son JESUS CHRIST!

This is our attempt to expound on the glory of God that is truly too awesome to explain. However, in our burden to see the glory of the Lord fill all the earth and our mandate to go into all the world to teach the Gospel and make disciples of Jesus we are pressing into new realms of teaching and ministry so that this information is readily accessible.

We are thankful for how the Lord has blessed us to begin this new process (despise not the day of small beginnings) and at the same time burdened to grow and improve in our methods and delivery.

We ask that you partner with us and support our efforts to get the Word of the Lord to all nations. Therefore, we are asking for an offering of any amount to help us. We feel that this is only the beginning for VOTCM and in particular this revelation and lesson. There are many new methods of ministry and teaching in the works. Everything from live, in person conferences, zoom and webinar conferences and studio developed teaching videos for online courses. All designed to equip the saints like yourself for ministry.

The link to give is above. Please allow Holy Spirit to lead you to give the amount he knows you can give and that VOTCM needs to take the Word of God to the next realm.

We thank you in advance for your love offering. We know God himself will bless you for it. And we want to encourage you to stay in touch with VOTCM because great new things are coming through the rest of 2021

THANK YOU! GOD BLESS YOU! Any amount helps this message grow, improve and touch the world.